Profit Rhino has led the flat rate pricing industry for decades and their content is widely considered the best in the marketplace, covering 90% of the most common repairs.

Now, with Profit Rhino’s flat rate price book data, contractors can use Payzerware to increase their profitability and provide homeowners with the upfront pricing they’re looking for.

“We have not been super profitable in the last several years although we are busier than ever.  Not a lot was making sense until Payzerware!  Now we can see our weak points and because of the flat rate price book, we can see that we have not been charging customers near enough (like 75% less than our competitors).  The owner, who sets our prices, FINALLY saw the difference.

We have been increasing our prices and NOT ONE customer has complained.  By year-end we are on track to have the most profitable year to date and I am sure that next year will be even better! “

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The seamless workflow allows you to: 

  •  Easily add flat-rate items to invoices and proposals

  •  Customize labor rates & parts markups

  •  Access the best database of repair times & parts