Payzer’s Commitment To You

Our Investment In You

On your behalf, Payzer has made (and will make) significant technology and onboarding investments:

  • Extracting, transforming, cleaning, and loading your data by providing Payzer access to your system for the Data Loading procedures contained herein  
  • Underwriting you for payment and financing products
  • Providing unlimited training
  • Providing Payzerware, The All-in-One Management platform

What We Ask Of You

Your part is to make your normal monthly software license payment and actively participate in the transition while we invest in you throughout your onboarding process.

This includes:

  • Making your normal monthly software license payment
  • Providing business data
  • Attending necessary onboarding meetings / trainings
  • Communicating any issues or concerns

Loading Your Data And Timelines

Converting and loading your data is a big part of your transition to Payzerware. We have taken the complexity out of Data Loading, but our Tech Team needs a little time to do the work.

The “Expected Time” to load Core Data and “Go Live”:

  • You should plan on making 1 normal monthly license payment prior to being able to adopt the system
  • Core Data consists of Customer, Invoice, Payment, Location, and Note data from your primary data source
  • You can “Go Live” as soon as Core Data is loaded!

If you require additional data from additional data sources, we will review this data within five (5) business days of receipt and let you know how quickly we can get this data merged and loaded.

Our Commitment

If we are unable to load your Core Data within the “Expected Time” outlined above, we will not charge you a monthly license fee beyond the Expected Time until data loading is complete, for as long as you remain committed.

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