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National Contractor Survey Results, July 2020

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What is the National Contractor Survey? 

The purpose of this survey is to identify attitudes and data among US home improvement professionals.

  • All submissions are anonymous
  • Respondents who provide their email address are emailed the results

These are the results from 463 anonymous responses collected between June 30 and July 7, 2020.

  • Some questions were asked only of respondents who categorized themselves as “Owners or Executives”
  • For questions that use checkboxes, the total number of answer choices selected for a question can be greater than the number of respondents that answered the question. This can cause the total response percentages to exceed 100%

If you have an interest in details regarding a particular question or subset of responses, let us know at

For comparisons in responses from the July survey to the May survey, click here. 

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